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Our Reindeer Pen

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One of the most fun and exciting projects we have ever taken on is to have live reindeer on the farm during the Christmas tree season. Our customers have told us that they have a desire to be entertained and educated while enjoying the family tradition of choosing and cutting a Christmas tree. 

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We did an incredible amount of research before starting this project.

Reindeer facts-

          Did you know that reindeer…..

1)   Are native to northern Europe and Asia.

2)   Were established in Alaska in 1890’s to boost the economy.

3)   Are cousin to the caribou.

4)   Both male and female have horns.

5)   Shed horns each year.

6)   Have air-filled cells in their hair…

A) which is excellent insulation.

B) which makes them great swimmers.

C) so they can lay down in snow and not melt snow or get wet.

7)   Do not have sweat glands, so they pant like dogs to lose body heat.

8)   Can run up to 35 mph.

9)   Like to eat willow (small bush) and lichen (moss).

10) Have been used by Eskimos for milk, food, clothing and pack animals (including delivering the mail).

If you have questions about reindeer, please call us at 860-648-2233.  

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